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Attribute Requirements to Unlock Badges in NBA 2K24

In NBA 2K24, there will be a total of 77 badges that are going to be available in the MyCareer mode. Previously, we did NBA 2K24 badges explained. Today, we break down what attribute levels are needed to unlock each badge in NBA 2K24. For example, you need a 92 Three-Point to unlock Hall of Fame Claymore for your player.


BadgeBronzeSilverGoldHoFMax/Min Height
Agent 3Three-Point Shot 76Three-Point Shot 86Three-Point Shot 94Three-Point Shot 986’11” (Max.)
BlindersMid-Range Shot 70 or Three-Point Shot 70Mid-Range Shot 83 or Three-Point Shot 79Mid-Range Shot 89 or Three-Point Shot 90Mid-Range Shot 97 or Three-Point Shot 97None
Catch and ShootMid-Range Shot 60 or Three-Point Shot 63Mid-Range Shot 70 or Three-Point Shot 74Mid-Range Shot 82 or Three-Point Shot 85Mid-Range Shot 93 or Three-Point Shot 95None
ClaymoreThree-Point Shot 60Three-Point Shot 70Three-Point Shot 82Three-Point Shot 92None
Comeback KidMid-Range Shot 53 or Three-Point Shot 56Mid-Range Shot 64 or Three-Point Shot 68Mid-Range Shot 75 or Three-Point Shot 79Mid-Range Shot 86 or Three-Point Shot 89None
Corner SpecialistThree-Point Shot 65Three-Point Shot 76Three-Point Shot 85Three-Point Shot 94None
DeadeyeMid-Range Shot 75 or Three-Point Shot 75Mid-Range Shot 84 or Three-Point Shot 84Mid-Range Shot 90 or Three-Point Shot 92Mid-Range Shot 98 or Three-Point Shot 99None
Free PointsFree Throw 71Free Throw 80Free Throw 90Free Throw 99None
Green MachineMid-Range Shot 61 or Three-Point Shot 64Mid-Range Shot 76 or Three-Point Shot 78Mid-Range Shot 88 or Three-Point Shot 89Mid-Range Shot 95 or Three-Point Shot 95None
Guard UpMid-Range Shot 59 or Three-Point Shot 60Mid-Range Shot 71 or Three-Point Shot 74Mid-Range Shot 82 or Three-Point Shot 87Mid-Range Shot 91 or Three-Point Shot 94None
Limitless RangeThree-Point Shot 85Three-Point Shot 92Three-Point Shot 96Three-Point Shot 99None
Middy MagicianMid-Range Shot 59Mid-Range Shot 72Mid-Range Shot 84Mid-Range Shot 92None
Open LooksMid-Range Shot 54 or Three-Point Shot 58Mid-Range Shot 72 or Three-Point Shot 75Mid-Range Shot 86 or Three-Point Shot 88Mid-Range Shot 90 or Three-Point Shot 93None
Post-Fade PhenomPost Control 59 AND either Close Shot 65 or Mid-Range Shot 61Post Control 65 AND either Close Shot 77 or Mid-Range Shot 71Post Control 75 AND either Close Shot 86 or Mid-Range Shot 79Post Control 85 AND either Close Shot 93 or Mid-Range Shot 86None
Slippery Off-BallAcceleration 57Acceleration 71Acceleration 84Acceleration 926’9” (Max.)
Space CreatorMid-Range Shot 64 or Three-Point Shot 65Mid-Range Shot 76 or Three-Point Shot 78Mid-Range Shot 88 or Three-Point Shot 87Mid-Range Shot 96 or Three-Point Shot 946’11” (Max.)
Spot FinderAcceleration 45 AND either Close Shot 55 or Mid-Range Shot 55 or Three-Point Shot 60Acceleration 68 AND either Close Shot 70 or Mid-Range Shot 69 or Three-Point Shot 75Acceleration 80 AND either Close Shot 80 or Mid-Range Shot 79 or Three-Point Shot 86Acceleration 93 AND either Close Shot 91 or Mid-Range Shot 90 or Three-Point Shot 93None


BadgeBronzeSilverGoldHoFMax/Min Height
Ankle BreakerBall Handle 62Ball Handle 75Ball Handle 85Ball Handle 936’9” (Max.)
Bail OutPass Accuracy 87Pass Accuracy 91Pass Accuracy 95Pass Accuracy 996’10” (Max.)
Blow-ByBall Handle 67 AND Speed with Ball 62 AND Acceleration 61Ball Handle 84 AND Speed with Ball 75 AND Acceleration 73Ball Handle 92 AND Speed with Ball 83 AND Acceleration 83Ball Handle 97 AND Speed with Ball 89 AND Acceleration 906’11” (Max.)
Break StarterPass Accuracy 68Pass Accuracy 75Pass Accuracy 86Pass Accuracy 92None
DimerPass Accuracy 56Pass Accuracy 73Pass Accuracy 89Pass Accuracy 96None
Handles For DaysBall Handle 69 AND Stamina 90Ball Handle 80 AND Stamina 93Ball Handle 91 AND Stamina 96Ball Handle 95 AND Stamina 997’0” (Max.)
HyperdriveSpeed with Ball 69 AND Speed 72Speed with Ball 75 AND Speed 80Speed with Ball 83 AND Speed 82Speed with Ball 91 AND Speed 906’10” (Max.)
Killer CombosBall Handle 75Ball Handle 87Ball Handle 93Ball Handle 986’10” (Max.)
Needle ThreaderPass Accuracy 77Pass Accuracy 84Pass Accuracy 91Pass Accuracy 98None
Physical HandlesBall Handle 60 AND Strength 60Ball Handle 66 AND Strength 63/Ball Handle 73 AND Strength 73Ball Handle 80 AND Strength 836’10” (Max.)
Post PlaymakerPass Accuracy 57 AND either Post Control 55 or Offensive Rebound 58Pass Accuracy 74 AND either Post Control 67 or Offensive Rebound 69Pass Accuracy 83 AND either Post Control 79 or Offensive Rebound 78Pass Accuracy 90 AND either Post Control 88 or Offensive Rebound 886’6” (Min.)
Relay PasserPass Accuracy 60Pass Accuracy 76Pass Accuracy 89Pass Accuracy 95None
Special DeliveryPass Accuracy 69Pass Accuracy 75Pass Accuracy 83Pass Accuracy 91None
Speed BoosterBall Handle 76 AND Speed with Ball 72 AND either Speed 75 or Acceleration 79Ball Handle 81 AND Speed with Ball 75 AND either Speed 81 or Acceleration 83Ball Handle 92 AND Speed with Ball 83 AND either Speed 86 or Acceleration 87Ball Handle 95 AND Speed with Ball 91 AND either Speed 92 or Acceleration 936’9” (Max.)
Touch PasserPass Accuracy 74Pass Accuracy 82Pass Accuracy 90Pass Accuracy 95None
Triple StrikeBall Handle 57 AND Speed with Ball 41 AND Acceleration 42Ball Handle 68 AND Speed with Ball 66 AND Acceleration 65Ball Handle 80 AND Speed with Ball 77 AND Acceleration 75Ball Handle 90 AND Speed with Ball 89 AND Acceleration 856’11” (Max.)
UnpluckablePost Control 57 or Ball Handle 70Post Control 68 or Ball Handle 80Post Control 80 or Ball Handle 92Ball Handle 98None


BadgeBronzeSilverGoldHoFMax/Min Height
AcrobatDriving Layup 64Driving Layup 78Driving Layup 84Driving Layup 906’11 (Max.)
Aerial WizardVertical 58 AND either Driving Layup 57 or Driving Dunk 64 or Standing Dunk 60Vertical 67 AND either Driving Layup 69 or Driving Dunk 75 or Standing Dunk 72Vertical 72 AND either Driving Layup 78 or Driving Dunk 84 or Standing Dunk 84Vertical 84 AND either Driving Layup 87 or Driving Dunk 95 or Standing Dunk 92None
Backdown PunisherPost Control 57 and Strength 70Post Control 67 and Strength 79Post Control 79 and Strength 86Post Control 89 and Strength 956’4” (Min.)
BulldozerStrength 74Strength 84Strength 92Strength 966’5” (Min.)
Big DriverBall Handle 55 AND Speed with Ball 40 AND Acceleration 40Ball Handle 62 AND Speed with Ball 48 AND Acceleration 48Ball Handle 65 AND Speed with Ball 55 AND Acceleration 55Ball Handle 69 AND Speed with Ball 65 AND Acceleration 606’10” (Min.)
BunnyDriving Layup 62 or Driving Dunk 68Driving Layup 72 or Driving Dunk 77Driving Layup 84 or Driving Dunk 86Driving Layup 94 or Driving Dunk 93None
Dream ShakePost Control 63 AND either Close Shot 57 or Mid-Range Shot 59Post Control 70 AND either Close Shot 64 or Mid-Range Shot 67Post Control 81 AND either Close Shot 75 or Mid-Range Shot 77Post Control 90 AND either Close Shot 88 or Mid-Range Shot 84None
DropstepperPost Control 64Post Control 75Post Control 84Post Control 95None
Fast TwitchClose Shot 71 or Standing Dunk 73Close Shot 81 or Standing Dunk 83Close Shot 90 or Standing Dunk 92Close Shot 98 or Standing Dunk 99None
Fearless FinisherStrength 55 AND either Close Shot 68 or Driving Layup 70Strength 60 AND either Close Shot 77 or Driving Layup 80Strength 65 AND either Close Shot 86 or Driving Layup 87Strength 67 AND either Close Shot 95 or Driving Layup 96None
Float GameDriving Layup 60Driving Layup 68Driving Layup 77Driving Layup 88None
Giant SlayerClose Shot 55 or Driving Layup 59Close Shot 62 or Driving Layup 65Close Shot 75 or Driving Layup 74Close Shot 88 or Driving Layup 857’0” (Max.)
Hook SpecialistClose Shot 60 and Post Control 50Close Shot 71 and Post Control 62Close Shot 83 and Post Control 74Close Shot 92 and Post Control 86None
MasherClose Shot 68Close Shot 77Close Shot 84Close Shot 94None
Post Spin TechnicianPost Control 60Post Control 72Post Control 81Post Control 90None
PosterizerDriving Dunk 73 and Vertical 70Driving Dunk 86 and Vertical 75Driving Dunk 93 and Vertical 80Driving Dunk 99 and Vertical 85None
Precision DunkerDriving Dunk 71 or Standing Dunk 71Driving Dunk 83 or Standing Dunk 81Driving Dunk 90 or Standing Dunk 90Driving Dunk 97 or Standing Dunk 96None
Pro TouchClose Shot 51 or Driving Layup 51Close Shot 60 or Driving Layup 60Close Shot 70 or Driving Layup 70Close Shot 80 or Driving Layup 80None
Rise UpStanding Dunk 72 and Vertical 60Standing Dunk 81 and Vertical 63Standing Dunk 90 and Vertical 67Standing Dunk 98 and Vertical 706’4” (Min.)
ScooperDriving Layup 61Driving Layup 68Driving Layup 77Driving Layup 88None
SlitheryDriving Layup 68 or Driving Dunk 70Driving Layup 80 or Driving Dunk 82Driving Layup 91 or Driving Dunk 93Driving Layup 97 or Driving Dunk 94None
Spin CycleDriving Layup 55 or Driving Dunk 56Driving Layup 64 or Driving Dunk 69Driving Layup 70 or Driving Dunk 75Driving Layup 82 or Driving Dunk 85None
Two StepDriving Layup 60 or Driving Dunk 63Driving Layup 68 or Driving Dunk 70Driving Layup 74 or Driving Dunk 78Driving Layup 83 or Driving Dunk 86None
WhistleClose Shot 73 or Driving Layup 74 or Driving Dunk 75 or Mid-Range Shot 73 or Three-Point Shot 77Close Shot 84 or Driving Layup 85 or Driving Dunk 86 or Mid-Range Shot 85 or Three-Point Shot 86Close Shot 92 or Driving Layup 95 or Driving Dunk 95 or Mid-Range Shot 93 or Three-Point Shot 94Close Shot 99 or Driving Layup 99 or Driving Dunk 99 or Mid-Range Shot 99 or Three-Point Shot 99None


BadgeBronzeSilverGoldHoFMax/Min Height
94 FeetPerimeter Defense 76 and Stamina 87Perimeter Defense 81 and Stamina 90Perimeter Defense 88 and Stamina 95Perimeter Defense 93 and Stamina 996’8” (Max.)
AnchorInterior Defense 61 AND Block 77Interior Defense 72 AND Block 87Interior Defense 77 AND Block 92Interior Defense 85 AND Block 996’7” (Min.)
Ankle BracesPerimeter Defense 64Perimeter Defense 78Perimeter Defense 89Perimeter Defense 94None
Boxout BeastStrength 70 AND either Offensive Rebound 59 or Defensive Rebound 60Strength 72 AND either Offensive Rebound 77 or Defensive Rebound 77Strength 84 AND either Offensive Rebound 85 or Defensive Rebound 85Strength 90 AND either Offensive Rebound 93 or Defensive Rebound 936’3” (Min.)
Brick WallStrength 72Strength 83Strength 90Strength 996’6” (Min.)
ChallengerPerimeter Defense 71Perimeter Defense 82Perimeter Defense 87Perimeter Defense 94None
Chase Down ArtistBlock 68 AND Speed 50 AND Vertical 60Block 78 AND Speed 60 AND Vertical 74Block 87 AND Speed 66 AND Vertical 80Block 94 AND Speed 71 AND Vertical 836’3” (Min.)
ClampsPerimeter Defense 75 AND Strength 45Perimeter Defense 85 AND Strength 50Perimeter Defense 93 AND Strength 55Perimeter Defense 99 AND Strength 60None
Fast FeetPerimeter Defense 72 AND Acceleration 70Perimeter Defense 83 AND Acceleration 73Perimeter Defense 92 AND Acceleration 77Perimeter Defense 97 AND Acceleration 826’9” (Max.)
GloveSteal 72Steal 85Steal 91Steal 997’0” (Max.)
Immovable EnforcerStrength 71Strength 82Strength 90Strength 956’5” (Min.)
InterceptorSteal 60Steal 81Steal 89Steal 95None
Off-Ball PestPerimeter Defense 58Perimeter Defense 68Perimeter Defense 80Perimeter Defense 90None
Pick DodgerPerimeter Defense 74Perimeter Defense 84Perimeter Defense 91Perimeter Defense 986’10” (Max.)
Pogo StickVertical 60 AND either Block 79 or Offensive Rebound 78 or Defensive Rebound 78Vertical 68 AND either Block 85 or Offensive Rebound 81 or Defensive Rebound 81Vertical 75 AND either Block 93 or Offensive Rebound 91 or Defensive Rebound 91Vertical 83 AND either Block 97 or Offensive Rebound 97 or Defensive Rebound 976’4” (Min.)
Post LockdownInterior Defense 74 AND Strength 70Interior Defense 82 AND Strength 78Interior Defense 88 AND Strength 84Interior Defense 96 AND Strength 896’6” (Min.)
Rebound ChaserOffensive Rebound 60 or Defensive Rebound 60Offensive Rebound 83 or Defensive Rebound 83Offensive Rebound 92 or Defensive Rebound 92Offensive Rebound 99 or Defensive Rebound 99None
Right Stick RipperSteal 70Steal 84Steal 90Steal 967’0” (Max.)
Work HorseStamina 89 AND either Interior Defense 65 or Perimeter Defense 72Stamina 92 AND either Interior Defense 72 or Perimeter Defense 79Stamina 95 AND either Interior Defense 82 or Perimeter Defense 86Stamina 99 AND either Interior Defense 93 or Perimeter Defense 94None