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NBA 2K23 Auction House: Why is the Current Bid higher than Buy It Now?

Cause it’s PC and there are hackers.

Why is the Current Bid higher than Buy It Now?

These are all caused by RMT STUDIO

RMT STUDIO uses VC (Virtual Currency) to buy Packs to get a lot of player cards, sells those player cards to farm a lot of MTs, and then sells those 2K MT, which is one of the ways RMT websites obtain MT.

So here’s the problem:

  • Accounts can’t have the same cards
  • There is a cap on the cards owned/sold on the auction house.

RMT studios use VC to open a lot of cards and need a way to keep them. Therefore, they list them on the auction house this way:

Current Bid price > BUY IT NOW price (as the picture shows)

You can’t buy these cards. When the time expires, these cards will go back to their account and can be sold again to obtain MT legitimately.

The VCs used by RMT STUDIO are almost always reloaded by stealing other people’s credit cards. Therefore, their MT costs are extremely low.

Tip: Keep your credit card safe.

If anyone else is confused about selling cards at auction houses this way, please share this link with them.