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NBA 2K23 MyTeam: Season 5 Rewards

In MyTEAM, our featured star graces the top of the Season Rewards with Tyler Herro as the Level 40 player! You may have encountered his Glitched card from earlier in NBA 2K23’s MyTEAM, but this powered-up Dark Matter version, the first 2K23 Level 40 reward to be rated at 99 overall, will not only be able to take MyTEAM’s best on the court, but do it while leading your best lineups from the Point Guard position.

You need to earn 150,000 XP in MyTEAM to reach Herro at the very top, and to get you started on this journey is the new All-Time leading scorer in the NBA, The King, LeBron James! From his time on the Heat, LeBron filled the stat sheet and his trophy room while in Miami. So, this new Free Agent card for MVP LBJ is the perfect way to start completing Agendas to earn XP, and level up, in Season 5.

Here we have compiled a list of all NBA 2K23 MyTeam Season 5 Rewards and what level you need to reach in order to receive each.

1097 OVR Onyx LeBron James
22502 Tokens
3500Free Agent Award Pack
4750Sharpshooter Award Pack
51,000Season 5 Ball
61,250Gold Prize Ball
81,800Base ’23 NBA: Series 2 Unauctionable Pack
92,150Emerald Prize Ball
102,55085OVR Sapphire Josh Hart
113,0505 Tokens
134,350Base ’23 NBA: Series 2 Unauctionable Pack
145,150Sapphire Prize Ball
156,10089 OVR Ruby Bimbo Coles
178,45010 Tokens
189,900Ruby Prize Ball
2013,40091 OVR Amethyst Eric Money
2115,500Base ’23 NBA: Series 2 Unauctionable Pack
2217,85025 Tokens
2423,450Amethyst Prize Ball
2526,75093 OVR Diamond Mark West
2734,60050 Tokens
2839,250Season 5 Shoe Pack
3050,25095 OVR Diamond Gary Trent JR.
3156,700NBA All-Star 2023 Unauctionable Pack
3371,75075 Tokens
3480,400Diamond Prize Ball
36100,10097 OVR Galaxy Opal Spencer Haywood
37111,200100 Tokens
38123,200Season 5 Hall of Fame Badge Option Pack (Pick 2)
39136,10025,000 MT
40150,00099 OVR Dark Matter Tyler Herro