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NBA 2K24 MyTEAM Courtside Report Summary


2K has revealed their latest trailer and Courtside Report for NBA 2K24 MyTEAM taking a look at the changes to the overall structure of the mode. We have summarised the key information from the NBA 2K24 MyTEAM Courtside Report, and you can check that out below.

Courtside Report Summary

  • Earning rates for MyTEAM Points (MTP) have been improved across all modes, basically being doubled for most MyTEAM players.
  • It will also be possible to purchase MTP in NBA 2K24 MyTEAM.
  • The top Season 1 and 2 rewards will max out at Diamond level cards. This has been done to increase the value and usage of lower gem cards early on.
  • A new Player Market replaces the Auction House. With the notable exception of seasonal and reward cards, almost all player cards will be available at fixed and transparent VC/MTP prices. Discounts will be available if you wish to purchase an entire set of cards.
  • A “Deal of the Day” will offer a selected card at a discount in the Player Market.
  • Cards can be sold back in the Player Market for much higher value than before.
  • The card grading service returns, and has been reworked to increase the value of cards being resold in the Player Market. You can also elect to re-grade cards two additional times, for a chance at increasing their value.
  • There will be better odds of pulling rarer cards in the Pack Market. There will also be more packs that offer guaranteed pulls, including Equal Chance and Option Packs.
  • The new Prime Box contains five packs, including a top tier player from the theme, Equal Chance and Option Packs, and a Hall of Fame Badge.
  • Holo versions of player cards carry a 4x multiplayer to their resale value.
  • Cards will begin to drop in value three weeks after they’re released. Duplicates of unsellable cards will have similar value to previous iterations of MyTEAM.
  • As previously noted, Season progression is shared between MyTEAM and MyCAREER in NBA 2K24.
  • XP can be earned simply by playing games. There will also be 2XP coins to speed up progression – only valid in the Season they’re acquired – and limited time events that also offer double XP.
  • Dynamic Goals provide a way of earning additional XP and Season progress, and are added when you acquire new cards from the Player Market.
  • Cross-progression between consoles in the same family returns once again. This includes Season progression, however the rewards in both the free pass and paid season passes are only available once per user account.
  • Season 1 tips off with a LeBron James Free Agent card, and includes rewards with connections to Kobe Bryant. The Ascension boards and prize balls return, and 2XP coins will also be among the rewards. Users with a paid season pass can earn an alternate artwork version of Diamond Kyrie Irving at Level 40, and other additional prizes.
  • There are now Ultimate Rewards each Season, for gamers who want to collect absolutely everything.
  • Tokens are now seasonal and will expire, with a set number available each Season to unlock the Ultimate Rewards.
  • Mini-games are no longer restricted to specific modes. Triple Threat Online also now resembles its offline variant, with ladder rewards and a mini-game after each win.
  • Agendas have been reworked to provide events that offer player cards as rewards, rather than XP as in previous years.
  • Crossplay is available between PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.
  • The new multiplayer Salary Cap mode is split into three two-week rounds. Each round has its own leaderboard, rewards, and salary limit for lineups. Player salaries will also fluctuate.
  • Salary cap games will consist of a regular six minute period for the first half, and a second half using the ELAM format similar to the All-Star Game, adding 24 points to the leading score at the half to create the target score for victory.
  • While Unlimited mode returns, Draft and Limited are both being retired.
  • Championship Weekends in Unlimited pit us against other gamers with a goal of winning four out of seven games to earn a championship ring.
  • Online gamers who quit gamers early too often will be temporarily restricted from the multiplayer modes.
  • Triple Threat Online: Co-Op retains the ability to play with friends, but also adds a Looking for Group option.
  • Clutch Time has a brand new arena, and also increases the shot clock to the regulation 24 seconds.
  • Coach Cards will provide boosts to Badges and attributes based on certain game situations, rather than a specific coaching system.
  • Special hidden/Easter Egg commentary will reference the pairing of certain cards.
  • A new scorebug in 5v5 modes allows the display of Challenge win conditions, and the stats accumulated with player cards will now be displayed on in-game overlays.
  • When beginning the mode, we now select our preferred team’s Starter Kit, which includes their uniforms, court, logo, and five Gold ’24 NBA Series 1 cards from their lineup. We’ll also receive the team’s Evolution Starter Player, which can evolve from Gold to Emerald.
  • Other teams’ Evolution Starters can be collected by earning two stars against them in Current Domination.
  • An Emerald Derek Fisher is also awarded to players at the beginning of MyTEAM in NBA 2K24, and is used to complete some of the Welcome to MyTEAM agenda items.
  • Shattered Prizes are cards that have been broken into many pieces, which are discovered and earned through mini-games and other challenges. When all the pieces are reassembled, the card is added to your collection. Sapphire Robert Horry is the first Shattered Prize.
  • Multiple lineups can now be saved for Triple Threat and Clutch Time. There are also new autofill options for lineups, including a randomiser.
  • Shoe cards now have random boosts automatically applied, so there’s no need to build them first. However, shoes can still be customised and their boosts overwritten if desired.
  • Collector Level rewards are back. Series 1 will feature almost 450 player cards.
  • There are several quality of life improvements, including a simplified menu.

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