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NBA 2K24 Wishlist: Shot Timing

In 2K23, players can choose the desired moment they want to release the button during a shot via the ‘Shot Timing Release Time’ setting. They can opt for Early, Very Early, Late or Very Late.

Why not just give an option for “perfectly on time”?

So you can change you shot timing to early, very early, late or very late. So why not just give an option for “perfectly on time”? Seems weird to me that you have to choose to release either early or late only. So if you’re timing your shot perfectly you kinda have to make sure you’re a little late or early at best. Is it just me who finds that strange?

2K Mike Wangs speaks on the shot timing options in NBA 2K23:

There was a technical reason why we had to go with 4 settings instead of 5 (which would have included Normal.) This feature came in very late in the dev cycle, at which point we were no longer allowed to change the size of our save file format. So we had to get creative and use a dormant setting that wasn’t being used. At the end of the day, the names of the 4 options are completely arbitrary since we changed how shot timing works compared to previous years anyway. So they might as well have been called 1, 2, 3, 4. But we just opted for more understandable names, even though it was weird that we didn’t have a Normal option. We were thinking about going with Early, Normal, Late, and Very Late but that seemed equally weird. For 2K24, we’ll implement the feature “properly” and give you guys 5 options…. that is, if we can’t get the PGA shot calibration idea implemented that SandyDFS mentioned. that was what we originally wanted to do.

Mike Wangs

Cool to hear about the thought process and decisions behind actions. Good to know why what is what instead of wondering and making yourself angry.

What do you guys think?