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Season 8 TTO CO-OP Rewards in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM

Now, NBA 2K23 MyTEAM season 8 has arrived. The TTO Co-Op ladder rewards have been refreshed, including MTP, HoF Badges, Packs, and more. Here is a full list of TTO Co-Op rewards for this season. You can join one or two friends on the same team to play Co-Op mode. Here, you will take on three AI opponents. As you win, you each rise up your individual reward ladders for the Season. Come on!

13 Tokens60Elemental Pack
2250 MTP6525 Tokens
33 Tokens70Out of Position 2 Pack
4250 MTP75HOF Badge Option Pack (2 picks)
5NBA All Stars Pack80Interdimensional Pack
64 Tokens8525 Tokens
7250 MTP90Titans Pack
85 Tokens952,500 MTP
9250 MTP100Invincible Scottie Pippen
10Radiant Pack1055,000 MTP
11300 MTP110Generational Pack
1210 Tokens11530 Tokens
13300 MTP120En Fuego Pack
1410 Tokens125HOF Badge Option Pack (3 picks)
1516-Bit Pack130Splash Zone Pack
16300 MTP13535 Tokens
1710 Tokens140Heatwave Pack
18300 MTP1455,000 MTP
1910 Tokens150HOF Badge Option Pack (4 picks)
20Highlight Reel Pack15540 Tokens
22400 MTP160Glorious Pack
24Diamond Shoe Colorway Pack1655,000 MTP
25Splash Zone Shawn Kemp170Encore Pack
2615 Tokens175HOF Badge Option Pack (5 picks)
28Diamond Shoe Colorway Pack180Next Pack
30Out of Position Pack1855,000 MTP
32500 MTP190Splash Zone Pack
34Diamond Shoe Colorway Pack19550 Tokens
35Phenoms Pack200HOF Badge Option Pack (6 picks)
3615 Tokens20510,000 MTP
38Diamond Shoe Colorway Pack210Heatwave Pack
40High-Res Pack215100 Tokens
4215 Tokens220Glorlous Pack
44Diamond Shoe Colorway Pack22510,000 MTP
45Super-sonic Pack230Next Deluxe Pack
46600 MTP235100 Tokens
48Diamond Shoe Colorway Pack240Season 7 Super Pack
50Invincible Jamal Mashburn24510,000 MTP
552,500 MTP250End Game: Luka Doncic 20 Box