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NBA 2K23 Best Playmaking Badge: Quick First Step

Youtuber XRAE recently posted a poll, and 77% of players have voted for Quick First Step. Yes, Quick First Step is the best. If you don’t have it your as slow as a rock. Atleast on a 6’9.

What is Quick First Step?

When driving out of triple threat or after a size-up, ball handlers have access to quicker, and more effective, launches.

How to unlock Quick First Step?

  • Bronze: 80 Post Control or 70 Ball Handle or 66 Speed With Ball
  • Silver: 87 Post Control or 77 Ball Handle or 76 Speed With Ball
  • Gold: 97 Post Control or 85 Ball Handle or 84 Speed With Ball
  • Hall of Fame: 99 Post Control or 89 Ball Handle or 88 Speed With Ball

To unlock all Badges requirements, click here.

Average speed increase

According to NBA2KLab, get the results:

  • No badge 71 Frames (60 FPS)
  • Bronze 68 Frames
  • Silver 66 Frames
  • Gold Run 65 Frames
  • Hall of Fame 62 Frames

Watch the full video below.

Is Quick First Step the best Playmaking Badge for you? Let us know if you have a different opinion.