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NBA 2K23 Timing Impact Complete Guide

This year, shooting also gets some nice upgrades for NBA 2K23. Each signature jump shot has unique shooting stats (like Release Speed, Release Height, Defensive Immunity, and Timing Impact) that help determine its effectiveness. Here we will take a look at how Timing Impact works in NBA 2K23.

What is timing impact 2K23?

  • Timing impact refers to the boost/penalty for good/poor shot timing.
  • A jumper with a high timing impact grade will give greater boost to shots with good timing, and penalize poor timing more.
  • A low timing impact rating jump shot should be harder to green with but won’t penalize sloppy timing as much.

What does Timing Impact do for jump shots?

Timing Impact will influence your shot precision. So even if you have not mastered the move yet, you can put your Timing Impact anywhere between -C to B. If you have already mastered the craft and are highly confident in your ability to perform Greens, then having the setting on A/A+ will definitely improve your performance.

Does it really work?

Timing impact works but the boost is not much. Just for a rough estimation, an A to F difference can only show around 5% make % boost (roughly the same boost of a bronze shooting badge). It is understandable though because at the end these Jumpshot creator elements are free anyway, unlike with badges that require badge points.

I can understand a 5% boost not meaning much for a portion of the community however do consider that any small boost means a lot when stacked with other shot boosting opportunities like badges, openness, attributes, etc. If you are very good at timing your shot, I would consider investing in a timing impact of A or higher. Slightly early, Excellent and Slightly late shots benefits from timing impact.

How to Perform Perfect Shots on NBA 2K23

You can perform perfect shots on NBA 2k23 by releasing the shot button at the exact moment your player is ready to release the ball. When using the Shooting Meter, the perfect release spot will be identified in green. Good shots can also be made as the meter is close to the optimal point, but releasing the button while the meter is still in the white area will heavily penalize your shot, no matter your Timing Impact stat.